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Ravenspring Creative - Front-end Development

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Project Brief:

Ravenspring Creative was a take home project for me. The client came to us at a time when we were pretty backed up, so I took it upon myself to take the project home and finish it. I really liked how it turned out, and so it's earned a spot in my portfolio. Credits go to Erika McNeil for the cool design.

Front-end Development

Before leaving for the weekend, the creative director briefed me on the project. He told me to express creative freedom in developing the site, and that's exactly what I did.

It's not often us front-end developer get to express creative freedom. Usually, it only happens in the form of hovers, active states, and other essentials that designs don't define in the mockup. I call them essentials, because to me they are. This site was different, because my creative director specifically told me to express creative freedom. Here's what I did differently:


I saw an opportunity to incorporate parallax features with this site, and I've never done parallax before, so I saw it as a double opportunity. I think my first implementation went smoothly and I didn't over do it. I only added a suttle touch of parallax and I think it turned out great.

Collapsable Header

I'm not sure what you would call it, but I went with collapsable header. What I did was apply a CSS3 transition to the header, then linked it to some custom jQuery that reduced the padding in the header once the user scrolled beyond 90 pixels. It turned out just like I planned.