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Project Brief:

As a freelance web designer, I wouldn't recommend working for family or friends. I've done so, and, while I don't particularly regret it, it's not a relationship I like to have with family. Why? Well you know why. There's no doubt that your family assumes you'll charge them lesser than you would a stranger. Not to mention, client relationships can get rocky, so you must ask yourself: do I really want to jeopardize the relationship between my family and I? However, for reasons unkown, I accepted family as a client.

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Web Design

As I do sometimes, I fully took on this project, which means I was responsible for the design. I typically don't like being in the seat of a designer because of my lack of design skills. However, this project was, as you might assume, under budget, so my design would have to do. My family was adamant about keeping their logo, mainly because they're customers recognized them by it, so I had to design around it. My goal was to carry the colors of the logo throughout the site and repesent their services via stock imagery. The client, my family, was happy with the design, and so was I. Thanks to for the free stock images

Front-end development

So much of my time at work is spent developing dynamic websites, and so it's nice to re-visit simple, static websites. This project, aside from the PHP script which validates and sends the form and the PHP testimonial randomizer, is completely static. This site consists of fifteen pages, most of them being service pages, and, considering I was completely in charge, took no time at all.

In just a couple weeks the site was completely designed and built out. I made such good time, that I decided to experiment with jQuery and make my own lightbox. It's simple, responsive but it could use some improvement. Stay tuned for an more elaborate version.


After the project was fully developed, I set out fill it with my own self-written content. I don't much mind writting, but I did have some trouble writting about a topic I'd known nothing about. I had to do some research before I got started. Before I began writting, I determined a list of keywords. Then, I assigned a single keyword to each page of the site, writting targeted content for their respective keywords. In just a couple weeks, was hitting for 9 out of 12 of their service pages. The client is very pleased, and I'm happy to have created a success story.