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Mister USofA - Wordpress Development

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Project Brief:

Just another Wordpress site, not really. Mister USofA was a website that I was in complete control over; yes! I really enjoy taking full responsibility over sites, because I get to practice my total process: front-end development, Wordpress development, and browser testing. While I enjoy doing each, I really like doing all three for a single project.

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Front-End Development

Everybody has learning curves, and while this wasn't necessarily a project I couldn't handle, it occured during of time when my skills and practices were really starting to sharpen.

In the past, I've been recognized for my speed as a front-end developer. Speed is good, but quality is better. I must say, both were evident in this project. As I start every front-end development project, I began by coding out the layouts to the site (three total). Rather quickly I was ready to move on to phase two. What is phase two you ask? Phase two is my first round of browser testing.

Phase two occurs after the page layouts have been coded out (I test all the way down to ie7). I perform testing at this point, because, by this point, most of the code is written. Thus, there is usually little introduced to the site that could bring error. However, I ALWAYS browser test before a site goes live. You should too.

I mentioned earlier that my skills were sharpening as I built this project. I stand by that statement. Justification for my thinking: (A) I wrote my first custom jQuery for this project, which greatly inspired me to continue learning, (B) I challenged myself to write valid HTML5 code, and, wouldn't ya' know, every page validates as HTML5, and (C) my main goal was end-user expience. I was never so conscience of my impact on user-experience as I am now. Today, I seek feedback on every Wordpress site I develop as to learn how to better serve clients. UX is huge for me.

Wordrpress Development

After learning the purpose and intended use for this website, I knew instantly that I would turn to Wordpress to get it done. The site was to be used to list information regarding pagents as well as pagent results. Pagents would be listed by project category and date (see why Wordpress was perfect for this one?). However, the client threw a curveball at me when they said they wanted to allow the user to filter the pagents by month. This hadn't been something I'd done before, but I was oober ready to learn. My solution was a custom wordpress loop that used regular expressions to filter by date.