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Drew Curran Homes - Wordpress Development

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Project Brief:

Like most project I work on, this one was a collaborative effort. Illinois real estate agent Drew Curran was in the market for a new website, one that he could manage himself. Designed by Eric Small Drew Curran's new website would be built on Wordpress, by me. I had only one meeting with Drew Curran, during which I learned Drew's plans and visions for the website.

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Front-end Development

While I didn't begin developing the site, I did finish it. The intial build (homepage and internal) was done by the designer, Eric. When I picked up the project it was about ready to go to Wordpress. The only front-end development I performed on this site was browser testing, some CSS styling, and some jQuery goodness. Specifically, I manipulated the select menus to be styled as represented by the mockup.

Wordpress Development

As I've said many times, I am a hudge advocate of Wordpress, so I reach to it whenever I'm challenged to solve complex issues. In this case, I was required to implement an IDX system to the site, which would allow Drew's vistors to search for homes, sign up for alerts, and shares findings with their friends all within his domain.

I accomplished this goal with the help of a very easy to implement and use plugin conveniently titled "Wordpress IDX Plugin." In just a few minutes, I had downloaded, installed, and incorporated a fully functional IDX system. I didn't stop their, however.

During my meeting with Drew, I realized that he wanted full control over his site, which excited me. This meant I was going to be able to build a Wordpress theme will all the bells and whistles. I began as I also do, by prestyling any element that Drew may create, as to avoid inconsistencies throughout his website. Once this was accomplished, I add the functionality that I required: editable navs, sidebar widgets, a blog, and the ability for Drew to create and deploy new forms. The final product was nearly 100% editable. After Drew received training on his new site, I was confident that he could run and manage it on his own. Mission accomplished.