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About Martin Duran

If you don't know me3 by now, my name is Martin Duran. I am twenty four years old, I don't know what my favorite color is, and I am a father of four.....minus 3. People know me as an optimistic character. It's hard to turn moods when I'm enjoying myself so frequently. I mean, I code for a living, I have a beautiful family, and I'm living! I cannot find any room for complaint.

Currently, I'm the lead programmer for a Plainfield, Il, web design company: LLT-Group. We are a team of eleven who come together to solve peoples problems. To do so, we use the web, and our unique abilities. I myself am an ambitious front-end developer. I obsess over an organized workflow, clean code, and HTML5 validation. Recently, I've taken up a new language: jQuery. My understanding of jQuery has enabled a smoother front-end workflow, as I no longer have to reach to Google for these types of answers.

Today, I write jQuery for a mulitude of purposes: slideshows, validation, bells, whistles, filtering, you name it. My backend language of choice is PHP. I find that PHP too has numerous uses, and is such a useful language to know. My knowledge of PHP enables me to work in various vendor platforms, such as Wordpress and Lemonstand. Since I was announced the lead programmer, I have been spending a great deal of time in the backend, where I've learned a lot. My learnings have inspired me to create a program I call formMaker.